Monday, November 9, 2009

aizad in dilemma!

oh myself a's the thang, my phone has been acting up and with its condition (really,really bad), i think i need a new phone!been looking around and got 2 final choice-the iphone 3Gs 16GB or the Blackberry Curve 8520.

both suits my needs for on-the-go internet and networking sites, with each having their own's my list of each phone and their pros :

the iPhone 3Gs
-its 3G!
-3mp camera (with autofocus)
-app store + awesome apps!
-3.5'' screen
- touch screen
-video recording
-voice control thingy
-very speedy
-compass (dont think i need it :P)
-its an iPhone!

Blackberry Curve
-2mp camera :(
-QWERTY keypad (texting while driving?aha!)
-BB messenger!
-removable battery (for spare batt!)
-easy to navigate
-push email-the original
-its a Blackberry!

oh and one more thing,i already have an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone, but without the ability to call, text, internet (its got wifi though) and no camera :( so basically i have to choose to either sell my iPod Touch and upgrade to an iPhone, OR keep my iPod Touch and get the Blackberry.both kinda cost the same,so thats not really the problem.just dont wanna regret later ;)

so help me me make this decision of a lifetime!aha!


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