Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a round of golf

finally got to update this thing.the day before raya haji, my dad and i went to play a round of 9 holes in Bukit Jelutong.great activity for a bonding session :) i actually had a 4 strokes lead going into the 4th hole, but then I hit 2 balls into the lake and well,its all downhill from there.ended up losing 5 strokes behind the great Mr.A.oh well,catch u next time.Christmas break-rematch!


tis the seaon to be jolly!

its december!means only 1 thing.the YEAR END SALE!done few warm up shopping trips, but the big event will probably be somewhere around christmas, with daddio and mummy!got my list ready and keep adding stuf to it XD happy shopping everyone!



yeah yeah i know.havent been updating that much.wanted to write about this, aint got the pics, and when wanna write about something else, can be bothered :P anyways,off to the cat city in 2 days.wooot woot!