Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a round of golf

finally got to update this thing.the day before raya haji, my dad and i went to play a round of 9 holes in Bukit Jelutong.great activity for a bonding session :) i actually had a 4 strokes lead going into the 4th hole, but then I hit 2 balls into the lake and well,its all downhill from there.ended up losing 5 strokes behind the great Mr.A.oh well,catch u next time.Christmas break-rematch!


tis the seaon to be jolly!

its december!means only 1 thing.the YEAR END SALE!done few warm up shopping trips, but the big event will probably be somewhere around christmas, with daddio and mummy!got my list ready and keep adding stuf to it XD happy shopping everyone!



yeah yeah i know.havent been updating that much.wanted to write about this, aint got the pics, and when wanna write about something else, can be bothered :P anyways,off to the cat city in 2 days.wooot woot!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sweet tweets


say what?

im it just a mind game?


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

joke of the day!

mr A : aizad jgn kawen dgn org kelantan ye nnt?
aizad : errr ok.nape?
mr A : nnt klu gado,dia bakar rumah

LMAO! A comes out with the funniest jokes.although im not sure its a joke or a statement :p


Monday, November 9, 2009

aizad in dilemma!

oh myself a's the thang, my phone has been acting up and with its condition (really,really bad), i think i need a new phone!been looking around and got 2 final choice-the iphone 3Gs 16GB or the Blackberry Curve 8520.

both suits my needs for on-the-go internet and networking sites, with each having their own's my list of each phone and their pros :

the iPhone 3Gs
-its 3G!
-3mp camera (with autofocus)
-app store + awesome apps!
-3.5'' screen
- touch screen
-video recording
-voice control thingy
-very speedy
-compass (dont think i need it :P)
-its an iPhone!

Blackberry Curve
-2mp camera :(
-QWERTY keypad (texting while driving?aha!)
-BB messenger!
-removable battery (for spare batt!)
-easy to navigate
-push email-the original
-its a Blackberry!

oh and one more thing,i already have an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone, but without the ability to call, text, internet (its got wifi though) and no camera :( so basically i have to choose to either sell my iPod Touch and upgrade to an iPhone, OR keep my iPod Touch and get the Blackberry.both kinda cost the same,so thats not really the problem.just dont wanna regret later ;)

so help me me make this decision of a lifetime!aha!


daily deed :)

november 9th,2009.

its my dad's bday today!didnt see the guy this morning cos as usual, bgn pn dh nk tgh hari :P dlm condition yg masih sleepy from last night (went to bintang cafe shah alam to watch Man U vs Chelsea,which we didnt win!grrr) , mandi2 (after half an hour of tv :P) and went to TOM'S in Sunway.mum's car is acting up again eventhough baru servis khamis aritu. -_-' so the guy tested the car, angkat kete, bukak tayar + absorber semua, tgk2 its the rear arm yg rosak.

while im there, walked around the workshop and see (aka kacau) the ppl buat keje to other cars, especially this one car - Nissan GT-R! W*F 88!oh baby!u look soooo good in white!forget that Range Rover Sport sebelah dia!nak je amik gambar, but takot kene marah.haha.but that car, right there and then, got me thinking-what am i going to do with my life?coincidentally,im figuring out my options for degree too.i had this one particular course in mind,buuuuuuut we'll see how.things tend to work out for the best,right?

so thats about it for today's adventure.after TOM'S,just went back and watch some tv and went online-lazy ppl's stuff :P toodles peeps! ♥ ponder,ponder...



happy birthday abah ;) i'm proud of you and of what you have accomplished in your 50 years,and of the examples you've set for kakak,aiman and i.happy 50th. ♥


is it aizad?

after a request from my homeboy ayieq,i've decided to blog again!woot wayyy to much time on my hand,so what else to do?blog?sure! ;D probably jsut gonna write random things that i did,feel,feel like doing,thinking,and so on,so bear with me guys ;) feedbacks are always welcomed.

current mood : tgh cr topik utk tulis -_-'

ps:thx ayieq memberi idea utk blog balik :)